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How Much Does A Residential Architect Cost

How Much Does A Residential Architect Cost In Philadelphia

The price of a detailed drawing specification, construction documents, and project management can increase to $15,000-$80,000. Architect fees for residential construction projects are 5% – 20% of the construction budget, or $2,000 – $15,000 on an average . Some architects charge between 5% and 8% for the initial concept design, with no additional services.

Here’s How Much A Residential Architect Costs?

How Much Does A Residential Architect Cost? Better Architectural cost – Although I have detailed the subject of architectural service cost (read or listen here: Architectural Charges), you should expect to pay somewhere between 6% and 15% for a minimum set of construction documents, as well as 15% for a complete set of construction documents.

  • Hourly Rate For Architects
  • Cost per Square Foot for an Architect
  • Construction Cost Percentage
  • Combination
  • Architectural Plans
  • Fixed Fees

Hourly Rate For Architects

To hire an architect hourly, you can expect $125-250 per hour for a principal or project manager-level architect. The hourly rate for an intern architect is $65-$90. However, they will need to work with a higher-ranking architect, so expect to see both. Hourly rates are best for small projects or when solving a specific design problem. You might be able to hire an architect draftsperson if you only require a limited amount of services, such as simple building plans.

Cost per Square Foot for an Architect

An architect will charge you $2-$15 per square foot. Because of the variability in project effort, this billing method isn’t often used. The cost per square foot can be broken down into each phase of work as follows:

  • Concept development and drafts from $2-$5 per sq. foot. This includes preliminary design consultation, site visits, and initial draft documents.
  • Construction documents from $2-$5 Per Square Foot with detailed drawings of all construction elements (framing, electrical, plumbing).
  • Project management or administration: $5-$5 per sq. foot depending on the degree of construction oversight and document administration.

Construction Cost Percentage

Architects are charged between 8% and 15% of the total construction costs for most projects. A typical home build will cost $115,000 – $450,000. This means that the total architect fee is $9.200 – $67.500, and an average of $32,500 is required.

The fees for remodeling projects can be as high as 15% or 20% and for new construction jobs as low as 5%, depending on their complexity. This pricing model is ethical and most common. Find a professional architect in your area who follows this fee structure.

How Much Does A Residential Architect Cost


Some architects may use per square foot, hourly and percentage billing depending on the stage of work. Hourly rates are typically used for both the design and schematic phases. This encourages the client to be accessible and make changes quickly. Once the project’s scope is established, a percentage or per-square-foot fee can be calculated.

Architectural Plans

A set of architectural plans will cost you $2,000. Plans for small additions will cost less than plans for large, custom homes. This price range does NOT include additional drawing services such as design revisions, project management, or construction oversight. Many projects will require additional design revisions.

Detailed drawings of every component of your new-build home are included in architectural plans, also known as construction drawings or blueprints. Plans include exterior site plans as well as floor plans, roof plans, and elevation views. Basement or foundation plans can also be included.

Fixed Fees

An architect might charge a fixed fee for smaller projects where the scope is clear. A fixed fee pricing model is great for clients because they know the final cost upfront. However, an architect can’t estimate costs due to many variables involved in construction and design. Fixed-fee pricing is not a common practice among architects. Fixed-fee pricing often includes minor revisions.

Additional Building Designer Fees

Architects charge an additional fee for building design revisions, add-on services, and reimbursement expenses.

  1. 200 to $800 per image for interior or exterior photos.
  2. Architects invoice separately for reimbursable costs, such as printing, photocopies and postage fees, shipping fees, courier services, travel expenses, mileage, and courier service.
  3. Most architects charge for revisions to designs made by the client after construction has begun or for changes that are required due to problems during construction.
  4. Land surveys are required from $1,000 to $1500 for any new construction.
  5. Building permits are available for $500 to $2,000, depending on where you live.

Residential Architect cost 5% to 20% on the construction budget, $2,000-$15,000 are the average architect fees. 8% to 15% are charged for new constructions or custom homes, and 10% – 20% for remodeling. Initial concept designs are free and can be charged from 5% to 8%.

How To Hire An Architect?

These steps will help you find the right architect for your project.

  • See photos of past work to find out who designed your home. Verify that the architect is a specialist in residential home design.
  • View their reviews at HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Ask for references from past clients.
  • Schedule an initial consultation. Talk about your goals and needs. To ensure a positive relationship, find an architect who is passionate about your project.
  • Establish a budget. Discuss your budget options with the architect to get a realistic idea of what you will receive. To avoid budget overruns, make sure you have the budget in writing.
  • Check the fee structure of the architect. Ask for a written list detailing the services included in the fee. To avoid any unexpected expenses, request a complete list.
  • Before hiring a builder, hire an architect. Detailed specifications and accurate construction estimates are possible only after an architect has created drawings.
  • The time to read and understand the contract before you sign it. Get clarifications on any points that are unclear.
    Questions to ask

Residential Projects: Architectural Fees

Most homeowners say they spent between $2,000 to $9,500 to employ an architect. This price will likely reflect only initial plans, small projects, or partial services. Depending on project complexity and budget, most architects charge between 8% and 15% of the total construction costs for residential services. A good architect can be a valuable asset in any project that involves building or altering existing structures. An architect can perform many functions and have a broad skill set.

  • Making plans, blueprints, or construction documents
  • As your agent, manager, planner, and construction administrator, I will help you select the right contractor and evaluate the bids.
  • Understanding engineering, spatial and structural relationships, planning, applicable building codes, and zoning regulations

To Sum Up

Residential Architect costs can be pretty simple if the construction budget, or $2,000 – $15,000 on average. You don’t want them to be. These are the basic facts that will help you plan your budget. Many architectural firms offer a variety of fees depending on the project phase. After determining the scope and size of the project, architects may charge an hourly rate for initial consultation and design.


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