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security architect in Philadelphia

How To Find Security Architect in Philadelphia?

Security architect in Philadelphia is a collection of methods, models, and security principles aligned with your goals. This will keep your organization protected from cyber threats.

Security architecture helps businesses translate their requirements into executable security requirements; as with architecture, where the property is examined in factors such as climate, soil type, topography, and client preference, so too must a security architect in Philadelphia understand the network and firewalls, defenses, detection system, and many more factors.

What is Security Architecture in Philadelphia?

Although architecture can have many definitions, it is ultimately a collection of security principles, methods, and models that align with your goals and help protect your organization from cyber threats. Security architect in Philadelphia is the translation of business requirements into executable security requirements.

What Are The Tips For Choosing Security Architect?

Following are the essential tips for choosing architects in Philadelphia as given below:

Security Architect is liable for making security structures that forestall programmers and malware from penetrating an association’s PCs. After these security structures have been set up, the engineers will review the framework and test for shortcomings.

An external moral programmer may be expected to lead an exhaustive entrance trial of the framework to ensure it is shielded from outer assaults.

  • Think about Experience
  • Take a look at Online Review
  • Conclude What Do You Need
  • Approach Friends and Family For Recommendations

1. Think about Experience

The history of a nearby PC fix Melbourne business justifies itself. Accordingly, picking one that has been around for a long time is prudent. An organization that has been doing business for some time is a decent decision.

Trust your financial plan to the best-fixed organization. Aside from this, such an organization knows how to fix PCs appropriately.

2. take a look at Online Reviews

Online surveys are one method for finding the proper PC fix organization. To guarantee the unwavering quality of the organization you pick, the Better Business Bureau can be counseled.

Clients can utilize audits to assist them with finding trustworthy fix administration suppliers in their neighborhood. You can likewise request references from collaborators, relatives, and partners involved in fixed administrations. They can give strong connections.

3. Decide What Do You Need

The brand of your PC ought to decide the auto shop you pick. Some PC fix shops have practical experience in improving PC execution.

To guarantee you get quality help, pick a maintenance organization with some expertise in keeping up with or fixing your PC image or model.

4. Approach Friends or Family For Recommendations

Even though your family members and companions might be gifted in fixing PC issues, they don’t have protection to cover any harm, assuming the hard drive is harmed by a mishap. PC fix organizations need risk protection to safeguard themselves from being considered mindful if a specialist commits an error.

Security or System Architect in Philadelphia should completely break down an association’s security frameworks to figure out who approaches what and where they might be helpless.

security architect in Philadelphia

What Are Some Security Architecture Examples – Frameworks?

Security architects in Philadelphia can use frameworks (or guidelines) to help them work. A security architecture framework is a set of principles consistent in implementing various levels of business security architecture. Some companies may combine international standards frameworks to create their frameworks.

  • OSA

TOGAF Framework

TOGAF (or The Open Group Architecture Framework) helps identify the problems that must be addressed in a company’s security infrastructure. It focuses on the organization’s goals, scope, and security architecture’s initial phases. TOGAF doesn’t provide specific guidance about how to address security problems.

SABSA Framework

SABSA is a policy-driven framework. It helps define the critical questions security architecture cannot answer: who, what, why, and when. SABSA’s goal is to ensure that security services are delivered and managed as part of an enterprise’s IT management after they have been designed. SABSA does not provide details regarding technical implementation.

OSA Framework

The Open Security Architecture (OSA), on the other hand, is a framework that focuses on technical and functional security controls. OSA provides a complete overview of the critical security components, issues, principles, and concepts essential to designing security architectures. OSA cannot be used if the security architecture is already designed.

What Are Security Architectures’ Key Deliverables?

What do you get from security architecture in terms of deliverables? It depends on the architect, business, used frameworks, and many other variables. Your objectives will ultimately determine the deliverables that you get.

Each model can be used at different stages of architecture in Philadelphia, so a single framework won’t cover all. Below is a list of expected deliverables you can get from other frameworks.

TOGAF Examples

  • Definition of business principles and goals, as well as drivers.
  • Security architecture roadmaps, or in other words, a set of work packages that will help to define the target security architecture. They will also show progress from the current state to the desired shape within the agreed timeframes.
  • Security architecture building blocks. A building block is a collection of functionality that meets the business needs of an organization.
  • Specification for security architecture requirements. This gives a quantitative view of your solution and identifies the criteria that must be met to implement it.

SABSA Examples

  • The heart of SABSA is the business attribute model. The business attribute model abstracts real-life business requirements and provides guidelines and definitions for various business attributes.
  • A clearly defined security strategy is mapped to control objectives or business attributes.
  • Security policy architecture covers security and domain policies an organization should follow and is compliant with the most current security standards and regulatory bodies.
  • Definition of security services. These services should be based upon security policies, business strategies, and control objectives.

OSA Examples

  • Technical security controls and functionality. These are the definitions of technical security controls like access controls, system hardening, security scanners, etc.
  • Software integrity protection A taxonomy for software integrity protection techniques

Dig8ital offers a service that combines deliverables from all the frameworks based on your requirements to ensure you get a well-designed outcome at all stages of security architecture.

What Are The Benefits of Security Architect? 

Following are some benefits of hiring a security architect in Philadelphia as given below:

A Strong Security Architecture Can Help Fewer Breaches

Security architecture has many advantages. Modern technology requires that organizations have a security architect in the Philadelphia framework to protect sensitive information. This dramatically reduces the risk of an attacker breaching an organization’s systems.

It can convert each requirement into executable strategies, creating a safe environment for businesses while meeting current security standards. Security architecture is the “holy grail,” which helps organizations show their integrity and confidentiality to potential business partners.

Proactive Security Measures Can Save Money

It is costly to mitigate cybersecurity threats. Security breaches can have serious repercussions. They could cause production to stop; product recalls, embarrassment, and even financial loss. An error detected early in the coding process can lead to a cost of up to 30%.

Mitigate Disciplinary Measures In Evidence of A Breach

While cyber breach legislation can have different consequences worldwide, it is common knowledge that organizations who work hard to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent risks will be more likely to avoid an attack.

It is possible to avoid punitive actions that can further damage a company’s reputation and finances by adhering to regulations. Businesses are trying to maintain their technology within the new rules that GDPR has introduced.


We must mention, as we close, that specialists should deal with these issues. Cyber security, specifically IT, is sensitive.

It is essential to have an expert guide you through the process to ensure your safety is adequately managed. A well-designed security architect in Philadelphia will help departments make better decisions and leverage industry best practices to manage risks.

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