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metro station architecture

Top 7 metro station architecture in the world you can’t ignore

metro station architecture
Metro station architecture

Electric vehicles are a popular vehicle in developed countries. Therefore, metro stations are always creatively and modernly designed, as a catalyst for more interesting trains.

Here are 10 modern metro stations, representing the world’s most daring and inspiring architectural styles.

1. Grand Central Metro Station

When it comes to the top 10 most beautiful metro stations, it is impossible to ignore the name of Manhattan’s Grand Central. This is a large train station built for the New York Central Railroad between 1903 and 1913. Did you know Grand Central is the largest train station in the world?

Unlike traditional station buildings, the space is not only a place to wait for trains, but also a place for shopping, entertainment, entertainment, …

New York Central Station with 44 stations has created its position when owning the record as the largest station in the world. Around the wall is painted with iridescent yellow, using white light to illuminate it, adding to the elegance and majesty. If you intend to come to New York, come here at least once to admire the beauty in the most true way.

2. Avtovo Station

Avtovo metro station was designed by architect Yevgenii Levinson. The station was built in 1955 and in 2014 became one of the top 12 most beautiful submarine structures in the world.

Avtovo has columns facing white marble And is decorated on the north side by a row of decorative ventilation grilles.

The design of the space here is not like the usual stations. If there are no trains, Avtovo is easily mistaken for the architecture of a church. Coming here, you will feel the solemnity as when entering a cathedral.

3. Zolotj Vorota . Metro Station

Zolotj Vorota station in the city of Kiev, Ukraine is quite famous and almost always mentioned in the most beautiful station architecture. The building is like a royal palace full of nobility and luxury.

This unique building was co-designed by architects Boris, Vadim Zhezherin, S.Adamenko and M.Ralko. Granite floors, Guastavino tiled mezzanines, vaulted windows, stained glass tiles and large chandeliers,… The overall work is like a spotless artistic creation.

4. Komsomolskaya Station

Komsomolskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia is a familiar name when it comes to outstanding station architecture. The building is still known for its grandeur and unique lines.

Komsomolskaya was built and under the rule of Joseph Stalin with the slogan “Building a palace for the people”. The station came into operation in 1952 and left a deep impression with its golden stone pillars and golden dome.

5. Mayakovskaya Station

Also a top station building in Russia, Mayakovskaya is an architecture that makes the most of geometric shapes and creates Art-deco symmetry. This is a design style that is loved by many people and has become typical of the world’s leading station works.

This station was especially famous during World War II, they were used as bomb shelters during air raids and went down in history in November 1941. It can be said that this metro project is not a place for passengers to stop and wait for the train, but also an important historical witness in the revolutionary struggles in Russia.

6. Marienplatz Station

Marienplatz station is an eye-catching structure not to be missed. Munich is strongly impressed by the variety of color designs, typically this station. The space is dominated by orange, bordered with blue and black to create harmony in perspective.

In particular, in the waiting area when looking at this ingenious design, you will not have the feeling of waiting too long or boring when looking at this space architecture.

7. Arts Et Metiers . metro station

Sa Arts Et Metiers is also a metro station with the world’s leading beauty. True to the name “Center of Light”, every architecture in Paris brings a bright and artistic light source

Talented artist Francois Schuiten has breathed into the architecture a unique and indescribable feature. The station consists of a copper wall with submarine-style windows and giant cog wheels in the ceiling. The space is painted with yellow as the main color, making maximum use of strong light sources, making it look luxurious and splendid.

There are five entrances in the house area, four of which are decorated with a Dervaux candle. The station on line 3 is set up according to the curve. Lighting frames of the same shade are supported by scythe-curved stands. It is these lines that add to the beauty of the station, giving it a very “Arts” style.

Also a subtle way of “playing” color, but Sa Arts Et Metier is a combination of colors of light. Walls covered with white ceramic tiles, direct light with great intensity and multi-colored auxiliary lights have created a shimmering beauty for the building. Still a Paris full of light but Sa Arts Et Metier has contributed with a very unique light.

Top 10 beautiful metro stations in the world, pack your bags and come here to feel the beauty to the fullest.

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