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What are Landscape Architect in Philadelphia And What They Do?

Landscape architecture refers to the creation of specific types of outdoor spaces. This could include designing a square, a playground or even a whole city. You could create a better pond for fish, turtles, birds, or frogs.

Landscape architecture is easy to spot, such as a park. Some types may appear completely wild, such as a meadow or mountainside. Landscape architecture is concerned with creating healthy communities and environments and protecting the safety and welfare of the people who live there.

What are Landscape Architects?

Landscape architects are designers of environments–environments that encompass both natural and social worlds, urban spaces and wilderness, land, water, and air. They design for people, communities, animals, and plants. They are aware of natural and social processes and seek to improve human health and well-being.

Responsibilities Of A Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are skilled and talented when they see the beauty and utility of parks, natural areas and gardens, streets, neighborhoods, and communities. These are something that a landscape architect can do.

  • Landscape architects design shopping centers and golf courses. They can also be hired to design private gardens and homes. A landscape architect can also specialize in environmental design, including historical restoration and wetlands.
  • Landscape architects work closely with clients to create the desired outdoor space.
  • The landscape architect will get a clear picture of the space and how it will be used during these first meetings with the client. Most clients have a budget, and the architect should consider this when designing the space.
  • Landscape architects often collaborate with engineers, surveyors and community planners, biologists, agrologists and foresters.
  • Computer-aided design (CAD), programs allow you to create rough drawings and more complex plans.
  • Analysis of complex environmental reports and use of the information in designing/plans.
  • Recommendations on sustainability and conservation issues
  • Reporting and contract writing.
  • Proposals written and presented to clients.
  • Collaboration with other architects, project managers and engineers.

Skills required For Landscape Architect 

Here are some of the skills that a Landscape architect should have:

  • Interesting in botany, geography, and human behavior
  • Passion for design and innovative problem solving
  • Pay attention to details and be sensitive to the landscape’s quality
  • Capacity to communicate verbally as well as visually
  • Proficiency in all aspects of professional practice, including team management
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration, negotiation and community engagement skills

landscape architect

Difference between Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer

Landscape architects and landscape designers may perform similar tasks and have similar education and experience. Despite being similar functions, many people confuse them. However, there are important differences.

Landscape designers serve different clients than landscape architects. While the former are more likely to work on residential projects, the latter tend to be more involved in designing public spaces like cemeteries, college campuses, and parks.

A landscape architect must hold a license from the state to practice his profession, while a designer does not.

Advantages Of A Landscape Architect

A landscaping company may seem expensive to homeowners, so they might be reluctant to pay them. Many homeowners find that landscape design is worth the cost.

Personalize your yard

It is possible to know exactly what you want in your yard, but not be sure how to get there. Landscape designers can help you assess your space and determine how to make it work for you.

Get Ideas

Or maybe you have no idea at all. A landscape designer can help you make a plan for your yard.

Increase Property Value

Professionally designed landscaping can increase the value of your property and help you get more for it if you decide to sell.

Less Stress

Managing a large-scale construction project such as landscaping your yard can be stressful. A landscape designer can help you manage the project by hiring contractors and handling unexpected complications.

Expertise and technical knowledge

Without knowing anything about the plants, you may be tempted to plant certain trees, shrubs or flowers in your garden. Landscape designers have the expertise and knowledge to help you determine which plants are native to your area, what plants may be harmful to the environment, and where to plant trees relative to your home.

What’s the work environment like for Landscape Architects?

Landscape architects often work with other professionals, such as contractors and laborers. Many landscape designers are looking to join multidisciplinary teams, whether they work for government agencies, private companies, governments, land developers, or commercial developers.

Although landscape architects can beautify the outdoors, they are often found in offices where they create and modify plans, prepare cost estimates and meet with clients. Landscape architects may not spend much time on job sites, but it isn’t an entirely outdoor profession.

Landscape Architect Salary

Landscape architects can work in many different industries so the salaries can vary widely. These are the median salaries for landscape architects.

  • Median annual salary $68,230 (32.80/hour).
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More Than $113,240 (54.44/hour).
  • Minimum 10% Annual Salary: Below $40,710 ($19.57/hour).

Questions frequently asked

What is a Landscaping Architect?

Landscaping architects create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. They create functional spaces for everyone, including gardens, playgrounds, university campuses, and parks.

What are the responsibilities and duties of a Landscaping architect?

The Landscaping Architect is responsible for overseeing the design, planning, and development of outdoor spaces for residential and commercial customers.

What makes a Landscaping Architect a good one?

An excellent Landscaping Architect should have a good understanding of outdoor landscapes and how to satisfy clients’ functional needs.

Who is a Landscaping Architect?

An Architect for Landscaping will collaborate with Landscapers and other professionals to ensure that the plans are adhered to and that the final product meets specified specifications.

Outlook for the Job

The outlook for this occupation is positive. According to the survey report, employment will grow at a rate of about 6% compared with the average for all occupations up to 2026. These professionals should be in high demand due to ongoing environmental concerns.


Landscape architects design the environmental design–environments that encompass both natural and social worlds, urban spaces and wilderness, land, water and air. They design for people, communities, animals, and plants. They are aware of natural and social processes and seek to improve human health and well-being.

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